Why take out a commercial loan?

  1. Restructure Your Business
    Is your business under financial stress?
    If you’re constantly having problems with cash flow, rely heavily on borrowed money, or regularly miss payments, these are all signs that you need to talk to us. Restructuring your business will relieve your stress and clear the way towards profitability.
  2. Consolidate Your Business Debts
    While debts are part of running a business, it shouldn’t take over your whole life or drag your business down. By consolidating all your business loans, credit card and other debts, you’ll manage just one loan with a lower rate and fees, saving you loads of money to reinvest in the business.
  3. Refinance Your Business Loans
    If your business goals have changed, or you’ve had your business loans for a while, it’s a good time to shop around for better deals. We provide a free financial check to determine how healthy your business is before finding the best refinancing deal that will help reach your business goals.
  4. Grow And Expand Your Business
    Growing a business requires extra funding, whether you’re planning to buy assets, improve or expand your product line, hire more employees or open a new store. We specialise in funding business growth and can offer plenty of financing options for all your needs.
  5. Buy A Commercial Property
    Commercial properties can be a lucrative investment if you get all the fundamentals right. The right property could also be your next office or store. Either way, we will help you find a loan that’s within your budget, and make sure you can maintain the property without losing money.

What do I need to know about commercial loans?

  • Security
    Banks typically require some form of security before loaning to your business. A typical collateral is your home or investment property. This helps bank recover from the loan in the event you default or have to fold your business.
  • Loan Type
    Based on your financial position, you can choose either an interest only or principal and interest loan. The tenure also depends on how well your business is running.
  • Loan Size
    The loan amount depends on a variety of things such as the value of your security, the health of your cash flow, the loan type and structure.
  • Fees and Charges
    There may be extra fees on top of your monthly repayment. It all depends on the features your loan offers as the more benefit and flexibility, the higher the fees.

Why work with us?

  • Receive a free financial health check for your business
  • We plot your business finances year by year
  • We research hundreds of commercial loans
  • Extensive experience working with various businesses from small to big business
  • Our focus is you, to get your loans approved

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