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As each year goes by, the prices of real estate properties continue to increase. It’s due to the demand of first-time homebuyers and their need to finally purchase a home they can call their own. There is ultimately no standardised “perfect” time to buy a house—it will ultimately depend on your personal circumstances and whether you can afford such a big financial investment.

If you’re simply feeling pressured because you want to take advantage of subsidies or special programs before they end, then it’s best to note that it may not be a good idea to proceed! Remember, it’s an investment worth thinking over and carefully preparing for because you don’t want to regret your plans later on.

In this effort, it will help to reach out to a mortgage consultant for professional advice. Other than that, keep reading below to find out signs that could prove that you’re ready to take that step to buy your first home.

Your Deposit Is More Than Enough to Begin Your Ownership

If you’re serious about owning a property, you must learn to begin saving up for the deposit. Unfortunately, it will take you a while to come up with the total amount since buying a house usually requires 20% of its total value.

If you can prove that you have your other priorities intact while still setting aside money to complete your deposit, it may be possible to buy a home after all.

Your Job Is Stable and Offers Steady Income

Besides the deposit, you will also have to answer to monthly dues and repayments for your home loan. If you think you can provide the money to pay back a mortgage lender each month, then you may have what it takes to consider buying a home!

However, if you feel like you’ll be struggling to address all your financial expenses, then a mortgage could put you in a difficult spot. It’s vital to own a house and live comfortably at the same time, and you can only do that if you have a stable job that continues to provide a steady income.

Your Credit Rating Remains Above-Average or High

The bank or money lender that will be approving your mortgage must see that you have a high credit rating. This shows that you’re a reliable borrower who pays their debts on time! 

When you can showcase an above-average or high credit rating, it means you are capable of looking after your finances without issues, including addressing repayments every month. An excellent credit history can significantly boost the possibility of getting your loan approved as a first-time homebuyer in need of a mortgage.


If one of your main goals this year is to buy a property, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions right away. Instead, take the time to do your research, scout for homes within your budget, and really think about your decision because it’s a life-long investment. When you’ve saved up enough for a deposit, remain in a job that offers a stable income, and maintain a high credit rating, then you know that you’re ready to take that step to be a homeowner.

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