Meeting your needs in challenging times

During these challenging times, we’re committed to maintaining a high level of service, access and support. We’re committed to providing expert advice, whilst protecting our team and you. This includes keeping you informed, to the best of our ability, of news and updates from the government, banks or lenders that could help your financial situation.


Recognizing the financial challenges being experienced by some individuals and families, including business owners, we’re offering specialized services to clients impacted by job loss or other circumstances as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.


We can work with you on a case-by-case basis to provide flexible and innovative solutions to help manage your financial challenges, including payment deferrals for mortgages and the opportunity for relief or special rates on other credit products.

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Supporting you through COVID-19

All of us will be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak albeit to varying degrees. If you are burdened financially, you could consider applying for hardships.

Many banks have announced a “package of support” for home loan customers. By availing this package, you can defer your home loan payments for up to six months with interest capitalised. You could also reassess your loan and go for refinancing options.

If these are options you would like to consider please talk to us. If you have friends or family that need our assistance we are here to support and guide you through this.

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Services to consider

Refinance Mortgages

Refinance mortgages for all situations regardless of debt, income, or credit


Restructuring Loans

Restructuring to a lower interest rate could increase your savings each week.


Debt Consolidation

Use your home equity to consolidate all of your debt into one solution.


We’re here to help your business

This is a difficult, uncertain time for businesses. The unfolding events are causing serious disruptions across most business sectors in varying degrees of impact. Sadly, a lot of businesses are being forced to close their doors.

This may be you.

But you are not alone. We’re with you in this. Here, to support you.

Help is at hand. The Australian government and state governments have announced a slew of measures to help businesses withstand and recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Your business could qualify for cash payments, wage subsidies for apprentices and trainees and a significant expansion of the instant asset write-offs.

But businesses have needs above and beyond government stimulus. We understand this. We understand your financial requirements during this time of need. And we’re ready to help you navigate these troubled waters.

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Business Loans by Wealthy You

Almost all banks and lenders are opening up a number of relief avenues to business customers. But the details of what’s available to whom and what’s really the difference between each institution’s offerings may be quite cumbersome to manoeuvre.

Not to us.

We have years and years of experience providing businesses with the financial support they need. There has never been a more crucial time to engages the 60s. He worked with over 50 lenders who know us day in and day out. And we are giving abreast of the latest support that is being rolled out by the government to factor it into our solutions. Making sure you get the most out of it all.


Informative links for businesses is regularly updated to give you the latest news, updates, and advice from government agencies across Australia. provides information on financial assistance, eligibility, and timing for the new government support for Australian businesses.

The Treasury provides information on the Australian Government’s economic response to COVID-19 in Australia.

The Department of Health provides information on how the Australian Government is monitoring and responding to the outbreak, how you can help slow the spread of COIVID-19 in Australia and what do if you have symptoms.

Services Australia provides information on how to apply for government payments and services.

The Australian Tax Office provides information on assistance measures available, including, but not limited to, early release of superannuation, boosting cash flow for employers and increasing instant asset write-off.


Summary of Federal Government Stimulus Packages

Fact Sheet – Summary of Federal Government Stimulus Package (24 Mar 2020)

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Australian Government Fact Sheets

Overview of the Australian Government’s Economic Response – Download

Treasury Resources Page:

Fact Sheet – JobKeeper Payment – Supporting Business to Retain Jobs

Fact Sheet – JobKeeper Payment – Information for Employers

Fact Sheet – Income Support for Sole Traders

Fact Sheet – Cash-flow assistance for business

Fact Sheet – Income Support For Individuals

Fact Sheet – Assistance for households

Fact Sheet – Support for business investment

Fact Sheet – Assistance for severely affected regions

Fact Sheet – Temporary Early Access to Superannuation


New South Wales Government Initiatives

The NSW Government has announced a stimulus package that includes a number of initiatives for small business.  These can be viewed at this link:

There is a Business Concierge service that can help you if your business has been impacted by the NSW bushfires and/or COVID-19 (coronavirus).