Car Loan

Several used automotive categories have increased by 37% in the last two years. With such a big jump, it comes as no surprise that many Australians are looking for ways to save money and secure their financial future. Now, you may be wondering how to save money as interest rates rise for auto loans.

Luckily, there are ways to navigate through this confusing time. A great way to negotiate the vehicle's price is one way to cut costs. This would work perfectly when combined with other ways to save on your auto loan.

To make acquiring a vehicle easier in the post-pandemic environment, we will look at strategies to save money on your car loan. Read on to discover how to achieve financial freedom despite rising car loan interest rates.

The Choices

The cost of a car loan is determined by the loan, lender, and choices chosen. Understanding and comparing your alternatives should help you choose the best vehicle loan and get the best bargain.

Of course, dealer financing typically incurs growing costs over time. This is because many car buyers acquire dealer financing at the time of purchase. Automobile buyers who are willing to take whatever the dealer offers may not always get the best deal. Some dealers may be pushy about financing in order to gain commission.

Comparing auto loans online before buying a vehicle will help you understand your alternatives and apply for the best price.

The Term

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not a wise choice to choose longer loan terms to make a purchase seem more affordable.

Longer loan terms result in higher interest and costs. You will be in debt for a longer period of time, making future financing more difficult to get.

For example, Linda wants a $25,000 auto loan at 8% p.a. The loan has no origination fees, however, there is a monthly administrative fee of $10.

Linda’s three-year loan has a monthly payment of $793. The total amount of interest and fees is $3,563.

Linda’s loan instalments would be $517 over the course of five years. She would pay over $6,000 in interest and fees.

The Investment

Putting down a down payment on a car may also result in lower interest charges.

This means that Linda’s $5,000 payment reduces her loan to $20,000. And on a three-year loan, her monthly payments would be $637, with total interest and fees of $2,922.

The Features

A car loan with extra payment and redraw options may be more expensive at first, but it may save you money in the long term.

You may not know this but this arrangement can be done. You can pay down your loan more quickly to save on interest and fees if the loan does not charge a fee for extra payments or early payoff.

The Green Way

Australia encourages the use of hybrid and electric automobiles. Many auto loan companies offer incentives to buyers of environmentally-friendly vehicles.

If you choose a green auto loan for your hybrid or electric vehicle, you may save money on interest and fees.

Improving Credit Score

Of course, for your last car loan advice: Check your credit before applying.

Because auto loan rates are partly determined by the risk of lending to each borrower, those with worse credit scores pay a higher interest rate.

Higher credit scores suggest a lesser risk, resulting in lower interest rates. If your credit score isn't great, you should work on it before buying a car.


It’s amazing how a few tips can help you avoid financial blunders. With these financial life hacks regarding car loans, you can get the car you want (or need) without trouble. Keep all this information in mind as you secure your financial freedom in the future!

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