Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions will stay away from people with bad credit histories. This is because lenders must protect their investments by working only with reliable borrowers. However, these lending entities aren’t the only institutions you can ask for funding from.

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining good credit history isn’t mandatory to have access to home loans. Although a bad credit history can limit your loan options, you can still secure funding from special lenders with their unique financing programs. One of the many loans you can apply for is a bad credit home loan.

Considering Your Loan Options

Home buyers need to gauge their options to ensure that they’re making the proper long-term financial commitment. If you’re able, it’s typically a better decision to postpone purchasing a home if you have bad credit. This is because taking out a bad credit home loan will considerably impact your financial status.

On the other hand, if you’re fully committed to buying a home at today’s current rates, you should take a two-tiered approach for your purchase. The first is to understand the benefits of bad credit home loans and actively improve your credit score.

Understanding Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad credit is the result of poor financial behaviour, resulting in negative marks on your record. It can be your poor commitment to paying your dues or incurring consecutive expensive purchases on your credit card. All these variables are visible to your credit history, which your lender then reviews. If you contain plenty of defaults or have several overdue payments, you may automatically get rejected for your home loan application.

A bad credit home loan is specifically designed for lenders with poor credit. Since traditional lenders will likely deny poor credit scores from applicants, you can still seek funding from non-conforming lenders. These specialist lenders can finance your home loans, but with a cost.

Most bad credit loans have much higher interest rates than traditional loans. This is because specialist lenders are taking more considerable risks by taking you on as a borrower. Considering that home loans can take around 25-30 years, it’s best to refinance your loan with a standard home loan once you’re financially capable. Due to its high-interest rates, most financial experts recommend home buyers to treat bad credit home loans as short to medium-term solutions.

Improving Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score is necessary while taking up a bad credit home loan. Otherwise, you can be stuck with absurdly expensive interest rates when you can shop for better rates with a higher credit score.

It’s best to maintain positive financial behaviour like cutting down on your purchases and paying your bills on time. It’s also important to limit your credit card usage and loan applications until after you’re financially stable. Maintaining these habits can gradually improve your credit score so you can shop for better rates in the market sooner.


Buying a home is a dream and milestone for many, which is why securing a home loan is considered a major achievement. Unfortunately, different events in your life can put you back and lead to a negative mark on your credit history. Thankfully, you can still receive funding for your home while improving your credit score. With the right lender, you’ll be on your way to financial independence while staying in your newly bought home.

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