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One of the requirements of getting a mortgage loan is your credit score. If you have a good credit score, you will find it easier to get a mortgage. However, what if you don’t have a credit score? Can you still get a loan without it? 

Credit scores are important when taking out a mortgage because they measure your trustworthiness when it comes to repayments and debt management. A credit score is built when you apply for car loans, credit card accounts and other debts. 

Getting a Loan Without a Credit Score: Is It Possible?

If you have no credit card, then you don’t have a credit score. However, don’t get it confused—no credit score is different from a bad credit score. Although a bad credit score may be worse, no credit history also is. Why? 

Without a credit score or history, you are an unknown risk to lenders. Since lenders will loan you a significant amount of money, it’s only right that they have an idea about whether you can pay back the mortgage or not. 

Therefore, a lot of lenders don’t grant loans to individuals without credit scores. Not all lenders will close their doors on these individuals, such as government loans. 

Moreover, you can also get a shorter mortgage that is fixed for 15 years, even without a credit score. 

Your lender will need to prove your creditworthiness, and with no credit score, you will be asked to provide non-traditional credit sources. The lender will ask for at least four alternative forms, such as recurring bills that can demonstrate your history of payments. You can provide a 12-month statement of the following (choose at least four):

  • Rent payment
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Utility bills
  • School tuition
  • Monthly or quarterly insurance premiums
  • Childcare

Once these have been submitted, an underwriter will review them, which can take a while. 

Building Your Credit

If you cannot get a mortgage loan due to your lack of credit history, you can build your credit. Start now by opening a credit card account and making some purchases with it. After that, pay off your bill in full every month and make sure you keep your balance under 30% of your limit to build a good credit score. 

Keep in mind that building a good credit score will take time because you need to build a solid history of on-time payments. Here are other good credit habits to build your score: 

  • Keep your credit usage low when using your credit card.
  • Don’t apply for multiple credit accounts close together because this can cause a small drop in your score. This is because multiple applications can cause significant damage. 
  • Keep your credit card accounts open. You can also explore downgrading it or transferring your credit limit to another card. 


When getting a mortgage, it’s crucial to have a good credit score; otherwise, you could find getting a mortgage more of a challenge. So, as much as possible, start building your credit before you take out a mortgage loan. 

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