Preparing your business for the post-coronavirus world is vital, just like how it was important to brace yourself for the changes brought by the pandemic. The very infrastructure of Australia's economy and employment involves small- and medium-sized enterprises. This makes you a key player in helping the country recover.

Practically all of the businesses in Australia fall under two enterprise categories. 

  • If revenue is under $10 million, or there are less than 20 employees, they're small. 
  • If revenue is over $10 million, with around 20-199 employees, they're medium.

Let's look at the common issues businesses like yours face at this time, and the ways to address them:

Brand Awareness

It's never been more crucial to put forward who your company is and what it stands for. Having a unique image is good, but only if there's a solid stance behind it. Make sure that the image reflects where the business is post-coronavirus, with a complementary image to boot. Don't be fooled: this is absolutely an investment with long-term returns, but it will be worth it. Small business loans in Sydney can be taken out to cover concerns like this. 

Cash Flow

At this stage, government aid will soon cease entirely. That will have an impact on your business in several ways, from paying rent all the way to retaining staff. Make sure there's already a strong cash flow (or, at the very least, a reliable one) that can help to keep things afloat. Bank loan alternatives may be ideal since banks may not be very flexible with their terms or qualifications, especially as the world starts to slowly but surely get back on its feet.

Going Digital

Digitalisation should not just stop at the measures taken in the midst of Covid-19. If anything, going more digital should be part of the next steps. It's practically an essential at this point, for better streamlining of processes and the work in general. It's ideal for communication purposes both externally and internally, for starters. 

Moreover, if there's no digital payment platform attached to your business yet, people will start looking for it soon enough. It's not just convenient for customers; it's convenient for you and your accountant as well. Hand-in-hand with that is digital marketing, which provides a better real-time view of budgets and a more specific take for ads.


Going back to normal includes recruiting back to full rosters. Many businesses had to make the tough decision to lay off many staff members in the midst of the crisis in order to survive. Since "normal" also means a high likelihood of business as usual, that means more earning opportunities. Admittedly, it can be quite costly to go into recruitment. However, the extra manpower will be a great asset in having your business in the best shape.


Small- and medium-sized enterprises make up practically all of Australia's business landscape. As the world opens up again post-coronavirus, there are certain concerns that need to be addressed. A business should not overlook resolving issues with recruitment, going digital and cash flow. That way, you’ll be able to adapt to the changes more easily while helping the country bounce back.

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