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Taking on a mortgage is challenging because while all the terms and conditions may be laid out in front of you, it can lead to debt and other financial problems. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that since there are loans at lower interest rates and more favourable market conditions. It is just a matter of weighing your pros and cons first with your broker. It is recommended to ask the right questions to succeed in this ordeal. Consider the following queries for your guidance: 

Should I refinance to consolidate my existing loans or not? 

Mortgage refinancing is a great option for borrowers who struggle with other debts and need to be in a more sustainable financial position to meet their needs. Brokers can even compare loan options, consider consolidation as a choice, and provide comprehensive explanations to help you make an informed decision. For instance, most brokers and their companies have their own mortgage loan calculators to meet your needs. 

Take note that refinancing is also applicable to clients with favourable credit records, meet deposits, and stay out of debt. They want to refinance their mortgage because it can get them into a better position, allowing them to reap the benefits by building up home equity and other related solutions. However, this is not always the case since it may also hurt their finances later on, so they undergo consultations with mortgage brokers as well. 

How much are the refinancing cost and the deposit? 

Your mortgage refinancing may have upfront costs that need to be met, while others typically come in deposits that can be paid off later. These payments include valuation fees, set-up fees, and discharge fees, which will all depend on your lender and chosen refinancing provider. 

The good news is brokers are trained to know these things, and they may even inform you before signing without asking them to do so. However, just make sure you are properly oriented by enquiring about it to save you trouble down the road. 

When can I start refinancing my mortgage? 

The mortgage market is constantly changing, and there are lots of competitive deals that you may have missed. While it is your job as the borrower to keep your eyes peeled for them, your broker is tasked to do this and refer you to them. They may even advise you not to let go just yet since your current interest rate may be better than those currently available, especially for fixed-rate options. So, always ask for the most recent data to compare and make the right call. 

What is the refinancing procedure like, and how do I get ready? 

Of course, you have to know the refinancing requirements before applying for any mortgage, but many borrowers often forget to do so, leading them to miss out on crucial documents. For example, some lenders want to see your credit history and ensure you have a source of income to avoid liabilities. 

While you can always apply again if you miss something, it is time-consuming and a major inconvenience to you and the involved lenders. Coordinate with your broker about the process and its requirements to meet everything before signing. 


Meeting with your mortgage broker and asking purposeful questions like the ones above are keys to successful refinancing. It can help you get out of tough financial situations and take advantage of competitive offers. Meanwhile, if you are having problems with the process and wish to get an informed, personalised look into your context, consult with professionals like us! 

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