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Trying to buy an affordable car is like finding a needle in a haystack—it’s challenging, tedious, and costly. Luckily, you may apply for a car loan to cover the purchase of your dream vehicle. While it may be tempting just to find a random car finance broker, get your needed amount, and call it a day, there are actually things that you must first consider before even deciding to make a deal with a broker.

Many aspiring car owners before you have made crucial mistakes with their decisions, much so that they are now facing many penalties and debts. The details of their loans likely came up too short, and now they’re dealing with an unreliable car finance broker.

Do not make the same error as they did, and consider keeping the following pointers in mind. While the situation may not always be as direct and exact, you may find that these recommendations are more than enough to familiarise you with the technicalities and process of applying for a car loan:

1. Verify If They Have a Physical Office

While most businesses and services today are primarily offered online, there may still be a need to verify whether or not they have their official physical office. This is important, as you wouldn’t want to be dealing with a ghost financier, someone who doesn’t have any concrete place of work and isn’t directly certified or affiliated with any loaning establishments or organisations.

Neglecting to verify this detail is one of the main reasons people get scammed or caught up in fraud cases. Do not make that same mistake and ask about the car finance broker’s main office.

2. Ask About Their Experience

The best car finance broker will always be the one who knows what they’re doing, and one of the leading indicators of that would be the years of their tenure and experience.

This isn’t to discredit up and coming car loan brokers, but having an inexperienced person to coordinate with may lower your chances of getting a great deal out of the application. At least an experienced broker will be able to pull all the stops and practice all the workarounds to accomplish that for you.

3. Ask About the Broker’s License

Yes, even a car finance broker should have a license. This is an indication of their qualification and certification to handle your application. If they do not have that upfront, they may not get you what you need, and neither are they even qualified to handle your loan.

That basically implies that you are either dealing with an amateur or a scammer, two types of people that eliminate your chances of getting a good loan, the main enemies of consumer rights.


Selecting a good car finance broker doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to be aware of the different signs that indicate whether or not you are dealing with the real thing or scammers looking to make an easy score out of you.

Verifying their office, asking about their years of experience, and checking to see if they have a license to practice in their field are just some of the things you would have to take note of during the process. Always keep these tips in mind, and you may just find the perfect broker that may land you a good amount for your dream car.

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