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Home loans are a good way to acquire money to allow you to buy your own property. Aside from the fact that you'll be given a chance to pay it in instalments, you also do not have to provide any sort of collateral aside from the property itself! 

Of course, terms and conditions would always apply at the end of the day, but even these are not enough to dampen the advantages of relying on a home loan. Indeed, home loans are a convenient way of buying your home now and paying for it later.

Home Loans and Its Two Variants

More commonly known by the term “mortgage,” home loans could be borrowed from banks and other lending companies. While each of them has their own rules and regulations regarding home loans, the principle is basically the same. You will apply for a mortgage, promise to pay it for a given amount of time, and once you've managed to pay it all off, you are finally free from debt. 

It may sound simple, but keep in mind that your payments have their due dates as well, so be sure that you can fulfil all of them; otherwise, your property would be taken back as collateral!

Home loans have two variants, namely, fixed-rate home loans and adjustable-rate home loans. The adjustable-rate home loan's interest rates would remain still for a short period of time, after which, they would either reset periodically, yearly, or even monthly. On the other hand, a fixed-rate home loan has a permanently steady interest rate for the whole duration of the loan.

While an adjustable-rate loan would seem like a viable solution at first, a fixed-rate one actually trumps it in many ways. If you're still not convinced by this, look no further than the following reasons:

Fixed-Rate Home Loans Allow You to Budget Wisely

Since the interest rates are fixed, you would be able to predict the amount that you'd have to pay every month. There are no "bill shocks"—whatever you paid last month, you'll be paying as well this month and for the following months too! This is much better, as you'll be able to get a grasp of your overall budget.

Fixed-Rate Home Loans Are Much Easier to Understand

Due to their consistent nature, fixed-rate mortgages are easier to comprehend. The terms and conditions may vary depending on the bank or lender; however, the variations are small as compared to adjustable-rate home loan regulations.

Fixed-Rate Home Loans Can Be Forgiving to Those Who've Changed Their Minds

If ever you'd like to lean on an adjustable-rates loan instead, you may have to pay a break fee. 

While it may seem costly at first, notice that you weren't forced to stay within this particular type of loan. This is because fixed-rate home loans would not restrict you if ever you changed your mind. After the payment, you are free to jump aboard another loan.


Fixed-rate home loans are a much better option than adjustable-rate home loans. Aside from the fact that the interest rates are fixed, the regulations are also clearer and more comprehensible. You would also be able to budget out your upcoming expenses since you already know what you're going to pay on a monthly basis. Avoid the hassle of computing your interest rates monthly and go for a consistent choice. Choose fixed-rate home loans!

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