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Nobody wants to be blindsided by extra expenses they have didn’t prepare for. That’s why it’s important to set a miscellaneous budget for unexpected hidden fees you weren’t aware of before. 

Extra fees irritate everyone. However, most individuals are aware that supplying a product or service costs money and that they will be charged. Most consumers consider fees to be reasonable if they are properly disclosed. While ethical lenders are completely open about their extra fees, some lenders are not.

With that in mind, this article will walk you through the complete range of possible home loan fees so you can make an informed selection during your research.

The Sneaky Mortgage Broker Fees

Hidden fees are not announced and are not easily apparent to the general public, but they are used to make money from clients without their knowledge. The mortgage broker fee is one of the most typical hidden expenses. 

Here’s an example: You obtain quotes from three different banks, and they all differ slightly. The differences are minor, and you can’t tell the subtlety between them. You end up choosing the lowest.

When the time comes to sign your paperwork and pay for the mortgage, you discover that the broker charges an additional $500.

The Pesky Upfront and Discharge Fees

Because it takes time and labour for lenders to set up a mortgage, you’ll usually be charged a setup fee at the start of the loan. You may also be charged a settlement fee, a valuation fee, and a solicitor’s fee. However, third parties (not your lender) collect these fees.

Just as a lender needs time and effort to put up a mortgage, so does a lender need time and manpower to finalise a mortgage. When you close your home loan account, you’ll usually be charged a discharge fee. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve paid it off or refinanced it to a different lender.

If you pay off your fixed-rate mortgage early — two years into a five-year term – you may be assessed a break fee. Also, your lender may charge you an exit fee if you refinance.

The Extra Ongoing Fees

The majority of individuals anticipate being charged a fee at the start of their mortgage. However, some people are unaware that they may be charged continuous costs throughout the loan’s term.

A monthly cost is charged by some lenders, while an annual price is charged by others. You may be charged an offset account fee or a redraw facility cost if you use those features.

Most lenders welcome customers who pay off their mortgage early. However, others will charge you an early repayment fee if you pay off your loan early.

If you ask your lender to move your loan from one property to another, you may be charged a porting fee to cover the service costs.


Small fees can have a significant impact. When comparing lenders, fees can make a major influence on the life of the loan, so pay close attention to them. 

You may save money on fees by picking the correct home loan, either while purchasing your house or refinancing to a better lender later in your mortgage.

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