Valiant Finance

It can take a lot of work to figure out how to get the money your small business needs in Australia. Traditional banks sometimes offer few choices, and the application process can take a long time and be hard to understand. There could be an easier way to get the money you need to grow your business.

Valiant Finance Australia is the place to go for easy reviews of business loans. This cutting-edge online market puts you in touch with a vast network of lenders, making it easy to find the right loan product. Valiant Finance can help you get the money you need to reach your business goals, whether you need a standard term loan, a flexible line of credit, or money to buy necessary equipment.

We'll review everything Valiant Finance offers in this detailed guide. We'll talk about how the platform works, the kinds of loans it provides, and the main benefits you can look forward to. We will also give you helpful information to help you decide if Valiant Finance is the best choice for your business.

What is Valiant Finance Australia?

Valiant Finance Australia is an online market where small businesses can find a lot of different loans. The company is not a lender itself; it works as a middleman to help you find the best business loan for your needs.

Valiant Finance was started in 2015 to give Australian small business owners more power by making it easier for them to get loans. It can be challenging for small businesses to figure out how to get loans because there are sometimes clear choices and information. Valiant Finance solves this issue by giving companies an easy-to-use platform that connects them with suitable lenders and loan products.

How Does Valiant Finance Work?

Valiant Finance helps companies get money in the following ways:

  1. Simple Application Process: Go to the Valiant Finance website and complete their application form. This form asks for general information about your business, like what kind of business it is, how much money it makes, and how much of a loan it needs.
  2. Credit Health Check: Valiant does a "soft credit check" to see if your business is creditworthy. This check will help Valiant put you in touch with lenders who are most likely to give you a loan. Your credit score won't change.

  3. Matched with Lenders: Valiant's platform matches you with several good lenders based on the facts of your application and your credit score. You'll get quotes from these companies that explain their loan terms, fees, and interest rates.

  4. Compare and choose: Carefully look at each loan offer you get. Some things to consider are interest rates, repayment terms, fees, and any extra features the loan offers.

  5. Apply with Your Chosen Lender: We can help you find the best loan for your business, and then you can use Valiant's page to apply directly with that lender. The lender will then look at the information they have and make a final choice about your loan application.


What types of business loans does Valiant Finance offer?

Valiant Finance doesn't directly provide loans but acts as a middleman connecting businesses with lenders offering various loan options: 

  • Term Loans: A fixed-amount loan paid back over time with regular capital and interest payments.
  • Line of Credit: A credit line that can be used repeatedly, up to a limit that has already been agreed upon.
  • Invoice Financing: This gives you quick access to cash by selling your unpaid bills to a lender at a price. 
  • Equipment Financing: Helps pay for purchasing necessary business equipment through a loan made just for that reason.

Is Valiant Finance Right for Your Business?

Valiant Finance is a great resource for Australian small businesses needing money. It's a great choice if you want to:

  • You can compare loan offers from several companies in one place.
  • Save time and effort as you look for a loan.
  • Boost your chances of getting a loan approved.

FAQs about Valiant Finance Australia

Is Valiant Finance a free service?

A business can use the Valiant Finance service for free. When a lender funds a loan through their website, they may get paid a fee by the lender.

What are the eligibility criteria to use Valiant Finance?

There are no special requirements for using the Valiant Finance platform. However, each company you are matched with will have its rules about who can get a loan.

Who founded Valiant Finance?

Valiant Finance was co-founded by Alexander Molloy and Richard Cotton.

What is the history of Valiant Finance?

Valiant Finance was started in 2015 to help Australian small businesses with trouble accessing cash. They knew that traditional loan choices had limits and that finding your way around the lending world was complicated. They aim to give small businesses more power by making the loan search process easier on an easy-to-use website.

What does Valiant Finance do?

Valiant Finance is an online market that helps small businesses get loans from a group of lenders. Even though they don't give loans directly, they act as a broker, making finding the best loan choice for your business easier.