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Not all are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and not everyone has enough savings to fund their business. That is why loan providers are here to help entrepreneurs start their business ventures. If you plan to create a real estate business soon, a commercial mortgage would be the best solution for your financial assistance needs. 

In a commercial property loan, also known as a business mortgage, the lender allows business owners to borrow the money they need to acquire a property or land for their business. Like any other loan, the money will come from a bank or a specialist lender, and the borrower should pay it in monthly instalments with additional interest.

Starting a business is not always simple. Some entrepreneurs need to take out several loans to meet their business expenses. Eventually, having simultaneous loans can be overwhelming, especially to someone who has just started their venture. 

If you are one of these business people who got caught inside a whirlwind of numerous loans to handle, sometimes debt restructuring is what you only need. Here is how you can manage your business loans better through debt restructuring and how doing it can be helpful to your business. 

Benefit 1: Manage Your Payments Wisely

The topmost strategy for most businesspeople when handling their multiple loans is to get debt consolidation. Consolidating all your loans means that you apply for one big loan to pay off your other debts. While you still have an obligation to pay, you know you only have one debt to focus on.

By doing this method, you reduce your total debt (including the total amount you pay for the interest rate) and pay your dues easier and faster. There is also a fewer chance for you to miss your payments.

Benefit 2: You Enjoy a Lower Interest Rate

When you apply for consolidation loans in Sydney, you usually get a much lower interest rate, especially if you get one from a new lender. When there is a new lender involved, they typically give special rates to new borrowers. That is an advantage you will rarely get from the same bank or loan provider. You also need to find lenders or groups with the most flexible terms and conditions for you to receive an extremely competitive proposal. 

At Wealthy You, we can help you find a lender that gives the best offer for your current financial situation. 

Benefit 3: Transition to a More Fitting Loan Facility

Your business needs to welcome change as your business grows. The same applies to your loan requirements. When your business was just starting, you probably applied for a straight business loan which was the commercial financing type you needed then. But, later on, your business will require alternative financing options that will suit your requirements better. 

Debt restructuring will offer you more loan options. Since you already have a good record in your former loan applications, you can take advantage of the other loan alternatives such as the line of credit or asset finance. Ask your advisor which one suits your new business needs better.


Debt restructuring is one proven way to make a borrower's life more manageable. When done right and with the proper lender, you can agree to reduce the interest rates of the loans you have, extend the dates of the company’s dues or do both. Doing this helps your company pay back their obligations faster. Therefore, staying in business longer while also retaining a good reputation. 

At Wealthy You, we make sure that the application for our client’s much-needed commercial real estate financing does not become too complex of a process. We design our products considering the different industries in need. Talk to us so we can assist you in finding a suitable mortgage solution for you.