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Refinancing your mortgage to suit your financial needs can be done, but you have to select among the different refinancing options. This way, you have set goals in mind and can work with the right mortgage professionals to help you. You may even find yourself in a more stable position than you first started because you now have some ideas to meet your payments, daily living costs, and the like. To explore your options, consider the following three strategies in this guide and explore other means:


  • Equity releasing 

When you are buying a property, you want to ensure that you look at it from an investment point of view, like with the real estate market in mind. Doing this allows you to gain an equity increase for your existing mortgage, meaning you can use the deposit either for a home improvement project or for acquiring other properties.

On the downside, take note that this option is only favourable if your house is valued at more than you initially paid for it. Plus, the additional fees, like discharge fees and break fees, do add up if not accounted for as compared to the equity’s amount. These fees vary from lender to lender, meaning you may have favourable or worse expense rates, depending on your mortgage’s terms and conditions. 

To ensure you make smart decisions with your equity release, just remember that your lender needs a formal valuation before you can get to your equity. It may even be less than you thought, so you may also have to consider other refinancing options.


  • Requesting for a lower interest rate

Out of the different refinancing options out there, you may be thinking about looking for lower interest rates as the most preferred choice. It’s because you immediately get into less repayment, meaning fewer costs on paper. But, in practice, note that there may be something more within the fine print that you are missing. 

For instance, even if you go for the best mortgage brokers, you may even end up paying more because of the associated charges of switching to a new lender. Worse, you may land into foreclosure simply because you lacked the necessary foresight and dedication to compare rates and repayment options. 

As such, you should always do your research on your mortgage opportunities, preferably with a lender you can trust and has manageable rates. Ensure you also identify with versatile mortgage brokers for easy applications and connections to client-oriented lenders.


  • Debt consolidation 

As a borrower, you may be looking to refinance your mortgage because you want to consolidate or put all your debt together, like your personal loan, credit card payments, and the like. This option may be a feasible choice for you because all of these outstanding expenses will be under one credit facility with a united interest rate. However, just as you would for other refinancing plans, researching and consulting with the right mortgage professionals should be your top priorities.



Meeting your mortgage payments is an essential part of being a responsible homeowner, so if you are in a tough financial situation, consider refinancing. You can either go for any of the plans mentioned above or consider other options. Meanwhile, if you are puzzled about what to go for, look for experts near you to help, like our team! 

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