In the current situation, entrepreneurs must deal with the instability of the market and the staffing issues. Applying for a loan can add to the pressure. Although you want to avoid stress, you need to go through the loan application to avoid cash flow problems.

When entrepreneurs apply for small business loans, the lender will conduct a credit evaluation. Once they get the results, they will decide whether they are willing to take that risk. Their decision would be based on the current economic conditions and its creditworthiness. 

The ability to understand how financial institutions assess your creditworthiness and the general small business loans application will increase the likeliness of being approved. With that said, here are a few factors that you need to learn:


Besides your capacity to pay back the debt, lenders will also try to assess your integrity and your willingness to pay the loan. In other words, they will check your past to determine whether or not your business is worth the risk. At this point, the financial institution will review the following:

  • Your personal and business credit history: They will scrutinise whether you consistently make late payments or have a delinquent account.
  • Your tax returns, financial history: They will determine your ability to organise and manage your finances.
  • They will also check if you have paid off your previous loans and debts from other lenders.
  • They would also consider your job stability, the success of previous business ventures, and whether you were involved in any legal issues that might affect your operations. 

As an applicant, you need to demonstrate stability, consistency and reliability to give lenders peace of mind, knowing that their loan will be repaid on time. 


Lenders have a limited insight if they will depend on their decision on your past. With this said, they will evaluate your current financial capacity to repay the loan. It means that they will take a closer look at how your business generates revenue and how much profit is expected. 

If you have been managing your company for a few years, you can present your income statements. It may be a tad challenging if you have a relatively new company because you do not have a proven track record of positive cash flow, including company projections. Lenders will also review other aspects of your life, such as outstanding debts, your dependents and living expenses, because they have a significant impact on your ability to repay a loan.


Many financial institutions that small business loans would require collateral. It is an additional assurance for them because they can seize the said asset if you cannot pay the balance. Although it is not needed for unsecured loans, it can improve your approval chances. It can also reduce your interest rates.

The financial institution will determine the current and future value of the collateral. They want to know if the asset has a similar weight to what they are lending and whether it can maintain a high value throughout the loan. 


The loan application may be tedious, but it is more frustrating if after all your effort, your request is rejected. You can improve your approval chances if you follow the tips enumerated above.

If your business needs funds to continue operations, consider applying for a loan. At Wealthy You, we offer alternative business funding to aid many entrepreneurs in the country. Call us now for more details.