mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers can aid in matching a client with the lender and home loan package that will best suit their requirements. They can be a helpful resource for consumers who require guidance navigating the frequently overwhelming complexities of the mortgage application process.

According to the most recent industry data, the market share of mortgage brokers has increased to an all-time high, and more Australian homebuyers are using their guidance and knowledge than ever before.

According to the most recent information provided by research firm Comparator, a CoreLogic company, and commissioned by the MFAA, mortgage brokers facilitated 69.5 percent of all new residential home loans in the March quarter of 2022.

Due to their knowledge of the available possibilities, they may, in some cases, expose consumers to more reasonable goods. They may also give customers the confidence to negotiate with lenders with greater assurance.

A mortgage broker can perform this task for you within the panel of products they offer if you don’t have the time to conduct the in-depth study necessary to evaluate the diversity of home loan products available.

Find out what your broker can do for you by asking the following questions. 

What Level of Expertise Does Your Mortgage Broker Possess?

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission states that brokers must possess a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking to comply with the minimum requirements to conduct business legally in Australia.

Brokers must operate under their own Australian Credit Licence (ACL) or another entity’s ACL as a Credit Representative. Confirming that your broker meets these requirements is always a good idea before moving forward.

How Much Money Can You Borrow?

Brokers serve as your intermediary with the lender. Your living expenditures, debts, credit score, and whether you have dependents will all be requested by lenders. A broker can include each of these factors into the ideal loan.

Home loan jargon like LVR, which stands for Loan-to-Value Ratio and refers to the proportion of the overall loan amount you desire to borrow, can also be explained by a broker. 

They can also clarify matters like principal and interest repayments and Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

What Will Your Mortgage Actually Cost You?

Asking a broker to calculate the exact cost of your home loan is a terrific approach to take advantage of their expertise and knowledge. 

Your broker will be able to calculate how much you’ll actually pay to the bank throughout the loan based on whether you’re paying principal and interest or interest alone, how much of a deposit you have, and the duration of your loan term.

You can considerably lower the overall cost of your loan by increasing your deposit and reducing the length of your loan. Answering the question of what the real cost of your mortgage will require considerably more information. 

The price must include upfront costs like valuation, conveyancing, and legal expenses. It can be expensive to pay ongoing costs, such as those you could pay to use a redraw facility, monthly service fees, and annual fees.

A broker can provide you with broad specifics even though it can be challenging to forecast the precise worth of your home down to the last penny.

How Should You Cooperate with Your Broker?

To give your broker, you should have the following documents on hand:

  • ID and payslips
  • Past credit transaction history
  • Current liabilities 
  • Tax filings
  • Employment background
  • Proof of money for a deposit

With these items in your possession, you’ll be prepared to begin the house loan procedure and well on your way to receiving those brand-new, shining door keys.


Discussing a few key matters with your mortgage broker before signing on the dotted line is important. These include understanding the different types of mortgages available, getting a clear picture of all the associated costs, and being aware of the potential risks involved. 

With this information in hand, you can make an informed decision about which mortgage is right for you and avoid any nasty surprises down the road.

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