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Going through rental payment after rental payment can often bring you to the realisation of other living options. Moving up the property ladder by getting a home can be a good achievement to make at a certain stage in your life when you finally want a property of your own.

Before you start eyeing home decor or home design ideas, one thing that you might want to take a look at is your potential home loan. Unless you’re ready to pay for a house and lot out of pocket, you’re going to need to apply for a mortgage.

Here’s a quick list of what you should do before you create and send in your home loan application for the best chances of approval:

1) Clear Your Credit History

Getting a home loan means having your credit score and credit history nitpicked. Therefore, before you submit an application, it’s important to clean everything up to provide a decent impression of your personal financial management.

One way of clearing your credit history is by removing or reducing any impending debts that haven’t been repaid yet. Make your debt as minimal to non-existent as you can to receive an excellent credit rating that’ll land you a home loan.

2) Schedule Your Discussion

It’s best to discuss with a mortgage specialist who can give you insight about what home loans they offer, as well as what would match your circumstances. There are all sorts of mortgage programs in Australia, and it’s ideal to find one that matches yours.

Finding an excellent mortgage specialist is key. While doing your own research, they can help you connect the dots about what kind of mortgage solution would work best for you and your needs. Once you’ve found a service, schedule and discuss.

3) Understand the House Market

Learning more about the housing market that you’re trying to get a home in can be quite insightful. Aside from gauging what the usual price tags and inclusions are for a property in that area, you get to discover what kind of amount and home you want to live in.

Getting this information requires a series of research, and it’s ideal to get an analysis of recent to at least three-month-old properties. Aside from seeing what properties are currently on the market, checking what houses have been sold and for how much can be good insight.

4) Assess Your Position in the Market

Having a third-person view of the market can help you understand the housing market, but it’s also important to understand your place in it. Do you have a reliable income to shoulder the higher-priced homes? Do you qualify for any specific government grants or incentives for buying a home? 

5) Put Money Away for the Deposit

Finally, as you prepare your home loan application, it’s ideal to prepare your deposit as well. Reduce any unnecessary expenses and start putting the money away to have funds for the loan. Each deposit has a different percentage and price depending on the home’s worth and the mortgage program. 


Getting your home loan application ready can be quite an exciting step as you’re venturing off to get your very own place. It can be quite a long process, but it’ll be bearable in the right conditions and with good people.

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